Monday, 24 February 2014

CKCB Challenge #3 February 2014

Over at CKCB, challenge number 3 was to make a card (or something) in 10 minutes.  I had a go, and with an idea in my head from 2 peas, my kit for February, and a friend to keep me honest (and take photos!)

Proof that I was timing myself!
Stuffing a clear cellophane bag with a 6 x 4 cardstock and pretty sequins
Sewing the top of bag closed, and around the edge of the bag
Time check - Pretty quick!
Tying bakers twine around the bag (after matting on red cardstock)
Another time check after putting DST on back
Putting on the front card

A bit of washi and its nearly done
added a heart and some gems, and it was all done - with time to spare!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

CKCB February Blog Hop 2014

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my part of the CKCB Members' Blog Hop for February!

You should have arrived here from Maggie.

Challenge # 2 was to use an angled background.  I found inspiration from a friend who just got hexagon die.

I had heaps of fun cutting through all my smaller bits of paper!

Thank you so much for stopping by, click here to go to Leslie.  There is a full blog hop list published on CKCB so if you get lost, you can check on there.

Have a great month, please leave a comment to let me know you came by!

CSI: 110 - I am Sam

I just loved the simplicity of this weeks case:

and I just adored the sketch - I hope that I have done it justice!

Here is how I solved case 110:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – pet accents, feather (fibres), ribbon, solid background, something sheer, jewels

Testimony – Journal about a pet and tell the story from your pet’s point of view.  IW:  style, fancy hope.  “Hi there!  My owners call me Samson Stinky West, but I prefer if you call me good boy!  I live in a house with my two meowing puppies and masters and my three miniature food holders.  I love it when other food holders come into the house and bark to let everyone know that someone is here to see me WOOF!  I am not a fancy dog breed, but the evil stabbing man said that I am a Jack Russell, Kelpie cross – not sure what that means, but my master says I am very clever and full of energy.  My master grooms me, and makes sure my fur style is trendy.  I love to steal food from the kitchen, and prefer to drink from the white porcelain bowl.  Thinking of food, I hope I can get some soon…”

Sunday, 16 February 2014

CSI: 109 - Little Pigs

Here is the challenge for the week from CSI:

I was a little bit nervous to be using such bright colours, but I really love how this turned out:

Here is how I solved case 109:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – Book pages, silver accents, birds, stack something, use heat, textured paper, greenery

Testimony – IW:  read, life, simple.  “Riley loves his bed time story.  At the moment his favourite is The Three Little Pigs.  I love that he has a favourite as it makes life simple to not have to choose a story every night – he just grabs the book and hops straight into bed.  I just love to read this story to him, and I use different voices as the narrator, the wolf and the piggies.  Riley adds in lines from the story and is great at huffing and puffing!  Last night we got to the first little pig and Riley told me, “if I lived there, I would let the wolf in…” I explained to him, “but sweetie, the wolf wants to EAT the piggy”  I will never forget the look on his face when he asked me, “Wolves don’t eat kids though… Aye Mummy?”  I smiled and said, “No, honey, wolves don’t eat kids”.  Luckily he hasn't heard the story of the boy who cried wolf!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Counterfeit Kit Club - February Kit 2014

Wow!  I am running so behind on my challenges, but thought that I would still join in this month with a counterfeit kit challenge - better late than never?  I really love this kit, the colours and the patterns really appeal to me!  This is the kit that we are counterfeiting for the month.  It is by:

Kits de Somni

I started off with some cardstock as that is what I use for my base sheet when I craft, and these are the colours I pulled out of my stash:

I didn't have many papers in the correct colours or patterns, but that's ok, I have a huge stamp collection and ink collection for this reason!
From top to bottom they are:

Counterfeited:  White Cardstock stamped with a variety of hearts using:  Momento Rose Pink, Angel Pink, Sky Blue and Versacolour Sand Beige
Counterfeited:  White Cardstock with punched hearts glued and then stitched
Counterfeited:  White Cardstock stamped with arrows (Same colours as above with Momento Grey Flannel as well)
Bo Bunny white with black polka dot
Sugar and Spice "Hollywood" chevron

For my embellishments, I Counterfeited:
Black Chalboard peices using black cardstock, white embossing powder and Versamagic White cloud ink and a white souffle pen for definition.  I then die cut shapes to suit each picture
Die cut hearts in a selection of sizes and colours
Pink, silver and red sequin scatters (no holes in them)
White and pink heart pins
Jar stamped and coloured and hearts stuck on and bakers twine around the neck of the jar
Polaroid frame in pink with a white banner stamped with love you and a punched mini heart
Vellum stamped in red brilliance hearts
and a scrap of paper with a jar (Dear Lizzy pad originally)

and the rest of the embellishments:

Counterfeited Chevron bag
Black Pearls
"Fly Away" paper scrap
Black and white spots and stripes scraps
White doily

This is how I keep the embellishments while I am working with them (along with a couple of ribbons, washi tapes and punches):
This time, I also thought I would chuck in a couple of extra Kaisercraft stamp sets:
I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my kit - I had heaps of fun counterfeiting this month!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Birthday Card for Helen 2014

I got a pad of Rosies 6 x 6 Chantilly lace, and I had to use it for Helen to make her birthday card - the colours and paris theme reminds me of her.  I decided to have another go at one of the designs I did in the purple and pink, but maturing it with subtle colours, buttons and more natural tones - this is what I came up with:

It reminds me of a card that I saw on the internet, but I cant remember who it was that did it - still a bit different, but close enough to see a resemblance.  I find it funny that you can have your own ideas and in tweaking them they end up looking like someone else's creation.  I would love to credit the card maker so if you have seen anything like this, please let me know so that I can link and reference them.

Project Life

I was asked to do a Project Life Demonstration in store at Spotlight, so I did this page and showed the customers how to put a PL page together.  I was given the colours, photos and inserts to use, and this is what I ended up with:

I didn't really know what to put in for journalling, so I left space for this to be added by the owner of the photos - this is what i often do when I am putting together books and feature canvas's for customers.

I just love the colours in this pack, and thought they would make great fronts for cards. After watching a you tube video from two peas, I fell in love with the idea that was on there to use the 4 x 6 card in a plastic pocket cut from a PL protector sheet and put sequins inside.  I wanted to try this, but couldn't bring myself to cut up the protector sheet, so I used a cellophane 4 x 6 bag and stitched around the edges.  All the products used are from Spotlight, and I really think it turned out AWESOME!!!

CSI - 108 - Art Award

I LOVED these colours!  In fact, I loved the inspiration piece so much that I may have a go at a similar style canvas!

Here is what I did with it:

Here is how I solved case 108:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – Mixed media background, bird, newsprint, music element, hearts, flowers, border punch, stamps and pen work

Testimony – Tell a story you haven’t shared before.  IW:  Share, story & everyone “I had one of those proud Mommy moments when I was told to attend the annual prize giving at Bayview School.  I was told that Madison was getting an award, but I wasn’t told what it was for.  You can imagine the pleasure I took from watching Madison get her name called out for the winner of the Visual Artist of the year Award!  Out of the entire school, she won the highly coveted award with a still life drawing of a hanging floral basket.   She was nominated with two other strong artists and her teacher was blown away by the realism of her drawing and the shading used to create a 3D look. The next day, her teacher told me the story of how Madison won the award with her still life drawing and that Madison deserved to win. Everyone in her class was impressed with the art that she shared throughout the year.  I just love that Madison loves art as much as I do!”

Sunday, 2 February 2014

CSI 107 - Our kittens are a buy 1 get one free special

and here is what I did:
Here is how I solved case 107:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – flowers, badge, heart, splashes, wet medium, long title, stripes and harlequin pattern.

Testimony – IW:  know, cool and awesome “I found a listing on Trademe for the cutest kitten.  He was a little boy, with cool grey tabby markings on his head and back.  I arranged with the owners to go and have a look and as they were leaving the country the next day.   I took my money with me to buy him (if he was as cute in real life as he was in the photo’s).  When I got there, the lady picked him up and bought him over to me.  He was so tiny that he fitted in my hand.  He was a little bit timid, and I thought he was AWESOME!  So I handed over the money and went to go.  The lady and her daughter started shouting at each other in their mother tongue and the daughter said, “My mother wants to know if you want the last kitten as well?”  I said, “no thank you, I only bought enough for one kitten” and the mother said, “no money, no money – you take”.  The daughter was very upset and she whispered to me, “please take her, we leave the country tomorrow and we will have to ‘get rid’ of her, if you don’t take her”.  I called Jack and he only had one word…  NO.  So I packed up the little guy in a box and got in the car and started to drive home.  Jack called me before I got to the end of the street and said, “Oh… All right…”  I ended the call and raced back to the house and knocked on the door and took the little girl.  When I got home, Jack and I both agreed that they were better together and I know that it will cost a little bit more, but the look on the girls face when they saw that we had two new kittens was worth it.  When I told them the story of how we ended up with two kittens, they were relieved because they both thought that they had to choose one…  I explained to them that while I chose the little boy, the girl was special as she was our Buy one get one free kitten.